Who We Are

Experience and Expertise
As a Chinese manufacturer which has made high quality aluminium products for 20 years, we always focus on the latest technology
and application of aluminium products around the world.
Advanced and Professional
Our manufacturer is the only designated metal surface treatment factory served for ABB company which is well known as the manufacturing giant and one of fortune 500. So our manufacturer
is experienced and advantaged in surface treatment of aluminium products.
Quality Control
Being a manufacturing base cooperated with many world-famous companies offers us rich experiences in manufacturing management. We ensure that every manufacturing process is strictly checked and every manufacturing step is under control.

What We Do

The idea of our making compound bow originated in 2009.

In 2009, we noticed that die-casting  risers made in China appeared on the market. These die-casting risers are short to prevent fracture, while the die-casting cost is low. If we use the method of CNC a block of aluminum to process risers in China, there are no scale and cost advantage for us.
In recent years, the development of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) is thriving in China. And Chinese FRP is mainly made by pultrusion. At present, the compound bows on the market made in China have straight pultruded limbs which can only offer slight bending angle when the bow is drawn. And these limbs are quite different from the popular, pre-loaded and sharply curved ones.

If we can overcome the above-mentioned two defects, then we can make the large, light and strong risers by CNC, as well as pre-loaded, sharply curved limbs. And this will help us to realize our business value - providing safe, high quality and good price compound bows to the world.

We believe that The World Is Flat.

So we started in July, 2009. We carried out our research from a 3d printed model offered by one famous university in America. Special thanks to the help of Professor of this university.


Why Us

Rich Experience
With more than four years experience in developing FRP meterials
and compound bows.
With more than twenty years experience in developing high quality aluminium products and metal surface treatment.
R&D Team
Always pay attention to consumer demands and market trends to design new Archery Products.
Positively focus on the latest technologies and patents in archery.
Continuously look for new ways to perfect our products.
Commitment to Quality
Safe Products - Our products must be safe for the customers. We
put safe shoot first from the beginning of design.
High Quality - Every meterial we purchase from China and America
is finest for the products. And the production process is under
strict quality control.
Cost - While retaining competitive price, we never compromise the quality of our products.
Core Values
Integrity is the foundation. We are honest, trustworthy, respectful and ethical in our actions.
Learning from anyone is the way to achieve the full potential of each individual and the company.
Respect of each other is the recognition of the equal worth.
Teamwork makes us create value by working together within and across our businesses.
Responsibility we bear is that we should not only provide perfect products to customers but also help the development of archery
in the world.