Our design concept is based on user experience. With the help of American native hunters and Chinese pro archers, they had participated in the whole process – from idea to product. And they provided us a lot of information close to market and customer.

AC cam system has two inner modules and can offer huge range of draw weight adjustment from 10 to 65 pounds without a bowpress.
  • Youth module : 10 to 45 lbs.
  • Adult module : 30 to 65 lbs.
  • Adjustable drawstop
  • Cam bearing : Tin bronze
  • Cam colors : AZ0 free
  • 6061-T6 CNC
  • 7075-T6 CNC
Twin cam and single cam provided
  • Forged and CNC aluminum riser
  • Light and strong
  • Precise and Compact
Long and strong riser provided
  • These bow grips are made by the food-grade    silicone, so that they feel warm and soft.
  • The color of grips will not fade off for longterm    outdoor time.
  • AZ0 free
  • Middle grip design
  • The fork of solid limb reinforced
  • Pre-loaded and sharply curved limb design
  • Parallel limb design
Solid limb and seperated limb provided
  • Killing any excess noise and vibration at the shot
  • Adjusted by screwing the Copper nut
  • 2" long screws offer huge range of draw weight.
  • The bare bow has light mass weight of 2.73 pounds.